Top 3 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development

Choosing between an “out of the box” solution and custom software development for your business efficiency needs, can be a difficult decision. There is a great deal of time, resources, and interpersonal relationships at stake.

When you choose a custom software, you get a product that is developed specifically with the needs of your organization in mind, and thus, is the ideal path in any situation. We exist to solve the operating dilemmas of organizations; such as yours and do so by discovering exactly what those dilemmas entail and combining our expertise of current technologies with the expertise of your business to rid you of those dilemmas. The following are the biggest reasons why we are passionate about this path.

custom software development

Endless List of Features

Having a set list of features that an existing product contains makes life easier in some respects. You do not have to take the time to dream up a feature list. Stuck with whatever is on the market. Taylor your business to the features that the market dictates. No pressure to dream up your ideal application. No pressure to ensure that everything necessary to make your business completely successful is included in the spec.

That’s one way to look at it. Another way is to be very excited that you have the opportunity to create an application that perfectly suits the needs of your business. That is being empowered.

Personalized Customer Service

Suppose you decide to include OAuth in DataPower for applications and workflow data, and you decide to approach tech support at a ready-made product company, then the first thing that you need to look out for is their expertise. These professionals have hopefully spent a lot of time with the product. They know the bugs and how to work around them.

On the contrary, if tech support and developer are one and the same, we have a fantastic synergy of reinforcement.

In addition, an “out of the box” solution needs to be integrated with your existing systems. This can be very time-consuming and most likely you will need third-party assistance to guide you through the process. When a custom software development company is involved, they tend to have the know-how to interface the software they are creating with your existing applications. They could design the new application in such a way as to facilitate a seamless transition.

An Extension of your Existing Team at a Lower Cost

Hiring new employees is very costly. Anyone who’s ever done it knows that. Hiring a custom development team is like gaining several new employees with exactly the right expertise to get the job done. And only for a short period of time.

No need to worry about costly training.

While the costs associated with developing a custom application can be higher than purchasing a ready-made product, the long-term benefits of the former are much greater and more valuable. Not to mention, using an old or ready-made software might require frequent fixes, making it more expensive than having bespoke software built by the likes of Expedition Co. ( or similar agencies, which would be tailored to your company’s needs.

What are your experiences with implementing new software and applications into your business operations? Have you ever been involved in a custom software development project? Please share in the comments below.

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