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How do you find information about trending topics in business and ticketing? I’ve Googled topics, scoured LinkedIn Groups, checked out the blogs of competitors, and followed industry leaders. There’s SO much information out there… relevant and completely irrelevant! Below (in no particular order) I have put together my list of most read blogs and trending topics in the event ticketing industry. You can also check out our Blogs at LockData:

  1. Understanding the Role of the Secondary Ticket Market by Troy Kirby, Director of Ticket Operations at UC Davis
  2. What information do potential ticket buyers want to know? Brian Mahoney, Vice President – Ticket Sales
  3. 5 Tips to Consider for Your Next Event by eventjoy
  4. 2015 the Year of the Wearable by Christopher Dean, CEO of SWRVE
  5. 5 Tips for Selling Tickets over Mobile Devices by Yair Scher, Marketing Director at EVENTO
  6.,-Bright-Screens,-and-Mobile.aspx How to Manage Tweeters, Bright Screens and Mobile Users at Your Venue by TicketForce
  7. It’s Official: To Compete, Your Website HAS to be Mobile Optimized by Keith Goldberg, Chief Revenue Office at Vendini
  8. Can Big Data Really Improve Sales Effectiveness? By Victoria Young, HubSpot
  9. The Importance of Customer Reviews and How to Get Them by Aaron Orendorff, iconiContent
  10. 10 Common Misconceptions About Event Marketing by Eventzilla Team

What are you reading? What trending topics in the industry most interest you? Is there any one blog or blogger in particular you are following? I’d love to hear about them! Click here to visit our blog posts.

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