Rise of the Home Office: Lessons Learned

Each new change in our lives, the projects we start, and the journeys we take offer the opportunity to learn and grow. As our team, like yours, has been taking on all three of those new paths, we asked them to share some of the lessons they’ve learned throughout their remote work experiences so far.

The Key Lessons for Remote Work Success

While the lessons learned differed as much as the impacts we explored in part 1 of this series, there were three key lessons that came up in their responses:

Lesson 1: Stick to your schedule.

  • “It is important to have and stick to a daily routine. If you cannot change your location, you must change your mindset. Continue to get ready for the day just like you were going to a different location. It is important not to mix home and work lifestyles.”
  • “Sticking to a set schedule is still very important. Where many people have issues sticking to a routine, I’ve found that my regular work schedule helps me feel like there is structure to my day.”

Lesson 2: Decrease distractions and increase discipline.

  • “I’ve learned that it is possible to be at least or more productive then at the office, but that takes discipline.”
  • “It takes discipline and time management to accomplish daily tasks when there is no clock per say.”
  • “I am more productive at home as there are less distractions (phones ringing, conversations in the office, etc.)”

Lesson 3: Practice gratitude, mindfulness, and positivity.

  • “I learned not to take things for granted and the importance of social interaction.”
  • “I’ve learned that when every aspect of your life is occurring simultaneously in one space it can be a lot to handle but, it’s not impossible. The old adage rings true here for me, You can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it.”
  • “Most interactions with people are much more cheerful when both parties are home. I’ve noticed an overall improvement in attitude and also an improved ability to communicate.”

What Lessons Can You Share?

Our team has shared some essential lessons for making working from home work for you. Our team would love to hear what lessons (and failures) you’ve learned that you consider essential to succeeding in this new frontier. Remember, this a family site so keep it PG! Add your comments below or share your experience on our Facebook page. We’re all in this together.


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