LockData Introduces their latest version Group Ticketing CRM

HAWLEY, PA (Friday, June 26, 2015) LockData has introduced the latest version of their Group Ticketing CRM, providing users with a dynamic and powerful tool to manage their group ticketing sales. The Group Ticketing CRM simplifies and manages the entire group ticketing process, from Box Office Request and Quoting through Order Placement and Invoicing.

A key feature of Group Ticketing CRM is its intuitive financial component that automatically calculates commissions, surcharges, fees and taxes. The financial component allows users to track and manage the entire order process including deposits, payments, returns and balance due notifications.

With the need to increase efficiencies and maximize productivity at every turn, Group Ticketing CRM provides a powerful Customer Reporting Dashboard that can be customized to fit individual organization’s needs. The Dashboard provides essential customer buying trends critical to making sound business decisions, based on easily accessible data.

Group Ticketing CRM is a stand-alone application that can seamlessly integrate with leading ticketing systems, web applications and other CRM platform tools such as Salesforce. The seamless integration provides the ability to sync accounts, contact and order data, eliminating the need for manual data entry across multiple systems.

Group Ticketing CRM provides everything needed to efficiently manage the group sales process. A powerful CMS to manage events, a CRM that illuminates buying trends and an ordering process that automates workflow from the initial quote through the delivery of the tickets.

About LockData

LockData has been a leader in technology for over 13 years, providing a wide variety of solutions including Ticketing API Integration, Salesforce Integration, Website Design, Responsive Website Development, and Group Ticketing CRM. LockData’s clients include some of the most recognized names in the event ticketing business. Their reputation in the ticketing industry was established with Theatre Direct International. TDI needed a group ticketing CRM that could keep pace with the organization’s growth. LockData provided that custom solution for TDI. Since then, LockData has been building solutions to seamlessly connect organizations and ticketing systems along with other API integrations. Organizations leveraging LockData’s ticketing solutions have experienced tremendous growth and increased efficiency as a result.

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