Services / Experience Design

Uniquely engineered digital experiences that perform and solve business, operational, and customer challenges.

Our Experience design services are a modern approach to research, content strategy, and design to provide a deep understanding of your users and how they engage with technology.

Experience Design Services | UX Strategy

We design and develop beautiful, fluid websites that adapt to different devices, and creating flawlessly smooth cross-platform app user experiences. Our experienced design team has delivered high quality solutions across multiple industries including, event ticketing, travel & tourism and manufacturing to name a few.

Design Strategy

Bring your story and brand to life

A core component in any design project, we provide purposeful recommendations based on constructive design consultations, analysis and review of your objectives.

Ecommerce Design

Create memorable shopping experiences.

We dive deeply into your audiences platform to audit and assess areas for improvement based on best practices and experience.

Website Design

Your brand touchpoint and business tool

We pair experience with design. We deeply focus on users to meet their expectations and design sites that grow and drive audiences to action.

UX Creative Design Services
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Experience Design Services brainstorming creative strategy

Design is a well thought out plan consisting of your brand identity, the user experience, the user interface and it's appearance across devices. At LockData, we deliver unique, engaging and satisfying experiences across all devices. Through our comprehensive strategy and design, we focus on exploiting the latest trends in digital in order to deliver on your objectives.