Don’t expect your ticketing system to do much and you’ll be happier with it.

As we expect our Ticketing systems to do more and more, are the vendors trying too hard to be everything to everybody? Is it unrealistic to expect all this functionality to work the way “we” want it to?

ticket-rack The ticketing process has come a long way since the days when all tickets were printed and distributed only by the Box Office. Before computers (gasp)! Back then, the physical ticket was king. If you had one, you got in, otherwise you were out of luck! Back in the day, the Box Office was responsible for controlling the ticket inventory, the seats they represent and their monetary values. This was, the “Ticketing System” of yester year. The “System” did three things and did them all well.

Fast forward to now. A “ticketing system” is still expected to handle these very basic tasks, but also so much more. It “needs” to be a CRM, have memberships, mobile capabilities, analytics, the kitchen sink and a host of other features. They have to do it all, and better do it well, and the way we want it to, otherwise we’re going to complain, and complain, and complain some more! Why, because we spend so much time and money on our “ticketing system” we can’t bear to think of replacing it, no matter what! We learn to live with its deficiencies, hoping that the next upgrade will solve all our problems!

So who do we call, what do we do?

I say you pick up your Smart Phone and make a call. After all, isn’t this what smart phones are for, making calls? Well, yes… they are, but they do so much more, right? They make calls, text, email, give directions, play music, take photos, the list goes on and on. You love your smart phone, you love your apps, you have so many choices, you can make it do whatever you want, IF you find the right app.

But wait, weren’t we talking about ticketing? A ticketing system with apps! Lots of apps, made by lots of app builders, with lots of choices, which do lots of things the way you want to do them. If you don’t like the maps on your phone, you pick another map app. If you don’t like your ticketing systems CRM, why not pick another CRM app, from another vendor? Need better analytics, there’s an app for that!

Sounds far-fetched you say? Well actually, not really. If your core ticketing system has a good API (which they all say they do), it is possible today. Why live with parts of the system that don’t fit your needs perfectly. Get an App!

Ultimately, all of this just goes to show how important it is to invest in a reputable CRM system that can streamline your workload and accomplish as many of your business tasks simultaneously as possible. Correspondingly, HubSpot is a popular choice if you are looking for a complete solution to the majority of your CRM-related duties.

Plus, nowadays, onboarding for HubSpot has never been easier. When it comes to making the most of your CRM, a thorough onboarding process can help you to find new ways to overhaul your business. Accordingly, to learn more about all things hubspot onboarding services be sure to reach out to a team of digital marketing specialists such as Whitehat.

What parts of your system would you replace if it was “easier” to do? We’d love to hear what ticketing “apps” would work for you.

And BTW, yester year was not that long ago!

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