The Hanover Theatre

The Hanover Theatre


Web Development + AudienceView API Integration + Managed Hosting

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Client Background

With sweeping grand staircases and elegant chandeliers, The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts transports its audience back to the time when a night out at the theatre was one of the most delightful entertainment options available. Today, it serves as a center of culture, education and community. It also symbolizes the rebirth of a city.

More information about The Hanover Theatre can be found here:


To streamline the content creation process using a connector that would form a conduit between AudienceView and Hanover Theatre’s public website.

Hanover Theatre partnered up with AudienceView to sell tickets and class registrations. While AudienceView is the source of truth for all things ticketing, Hanover Theatre has a public website where content is created, curated and presented to the public for marketing purposes. Specifically, in this scenario, shows and classes are crafted first using a spreadsheet, then imported into AudienceView and finally, manually created in their CMS to market to their customers. This process took quite a bit of effort and was inefficient for the Hanover team. LockData was contracted to identify these pain points and augment this process in order to streamline content creation.


After careful review of the public website and our deep understanding of AudienceView’s API, we reimagined the content creation process by developing a plugin that would connect to AudienceView API and pull relevant data into the CMS upon request. When invoked, the plugin will make a call out to Audience view and in this scenario pull all classes on sale and create these classes within the CMS in “draft” status so the hanover team can review these classes before making them available to the public.

The solution allows for the synchronization of classes between systems, making it easy for the Hanover team to market content.


Eliminating dual data entry has streamlined the content creation process, thus giving precious time back to the Hanover team so they can focus on other, more important aspects of their business.