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Data Management + AudienceView API Integration

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Client Background

One of Northeast Ohio’s brightest cultural gems, Playhouse Square is a not-for-profit performing arts center whose mission is presenting and producing a wide variety of quality performing arts, advancing arts education and creating a destination that is a superior location for entertainment, business and residential living, thereby strengthening the economic vitality of the region.

More information about Playhouse Square can be found here:


Improve upon current data management practices which result in inconsistencies at the time of extraction, leading to loss of data and inaccurate records.

Playhouse Square utilizes AudienceView Unlimited software to store millions of records which are exported on a monthly basis using SFTP, storing them on a third-party server. It was determined that when data was being consumed and imported into Salesforce and Eloqua, disparities were appearing due to problems with their current web service.


After thorough examination and evaluation of their current processes, LockData discovered where the data disparities were occurring. Using the AudienceView Unlimited API, we were able to write a web service that extracts data from available business intelligence reports. This data is then delivered via SFTP where it is consumed and inserted into both Eloqua and Salesforce.

LockData was able to streamline the entire process and resolve the case of missing data while also increasing the frequency of data extraction and importation.


Direct integration between AudienceView Unlimited, Eloqua, and Salesforce allows data to be shared cohesively between sales, marketing, and CRM platforms creating a seamless experience for Playhouse Square’s sales and marketing teams.