Broadway Inbound



Table of Contents

Strategic Partnership

LockData has been a key strategic technology partner for Broadway Inbound for over 20 years, developing tools and offering software solutions to better service group buyers, tour operators, and the travel industry.

Technology Solutions

When presented with an out-of-date web interface and an unwelcoming user experience, LockData played a critical role in the re-design of their website and internal software. 

By creating a more efficient, seamless process for both casual and professional group leaders to submit ticketing requests, LockData was able to increase opportunities for automation, improve CRM capabilities, and institute a focus on business intelligence.

Lasting Effects

New APIs built by LockData allow for improved functionality for both internal and external users with less manual input required and a seamless overall experience syncing multiple CRM platforms.

Industry Leaders

With over 25 years of experience serving the event ticketing industry, LockData is also an industry leader in providing solutions for

  • Event Ticketing & Technology
  • API Integration
  • UX Design
  • Data Services