About Sightsy

Sightsy is a destination management platform owned by LockData. Sightsy can be the backend solution to a myriad of tourism-related businesses both big and small, adding the kind of support that builds more business, data and engagement by helping to:

  • Sell more product
  • Engage More Deeply with Customers
  • Connect more venues to distributors

The Vision

To maximize the visitor's in-destination experience through a streamlined end to end user journey that allows them to discover, plan, and book things to do prior to and during their visit.

  • Best in class technology to provide visitors and locals the information and services necessary to maximize their in-destination experience
  • Holistic omni-channel experience web, mobile web, kiosk, and in-person via the point-of-sale application allows consumers to book their activities wherever they are
  • Data utilization across channels to target consumers with more relevant, timely and actionable offers

Platform architected to support

  • Direct to consumer (web/mobile web)
  • B2B/ white label targeting – travel and ticketing companies, hotels, venues, publishers, city and state tourism organizations, business improvement districts and travel

For more information about Sightsty, visit Sightsy.com.
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