Our Company

We’re a highly-skilled team of agile web developers, designers and ticketing specialists. We’re able to adapt to changing technologies and provide services and solutions to empower every aspect of your business.

We’re LockData

The mission of LockData Technologies is to deliver exceptional quality and innovation to businesses. We strive to understand our clients’ business processes as well as their web site and application requirements.

Who Are We

LockData has a solid understanding of how the web works. We’ve been creating websites and web applications since the 1990’s. Our main focus is our clients. We’re able to adapt to changing technologies and provide services that will increase productivity, reduce cost and increase visibility through the web.

What We Do

Our firm is dedicated to providing powerful web solutions that build robust online experiences and applications. Through our process and methodologies, we will help your business leverage the Internet and provide a foundation for scalability, brand awareness and new opportunities.

Why We Do It

Our highly-skilled team of web developers, designers and ecommerce specialists are second to none in the industry. With skill sets ranging from event ticketing, website design and custom programming our diversity allows us to engage and adapt to rapidly changing technology.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of well rounded individuals with skill sets that include website design, asp.net programming, ticketing and e-commerce.

Chuck Lockwood - President

Chuck Lockwood


Chuck Lockwood founded LockData Technologies in 1999 as a database consulting firm and thereafter established a reputation for building high-quality, web-enabled business applications. Using his 25 years of experience in technology and management he is known for providing companies with innovative digital solutions.

Peter Prigge - Director of Software Development

Peter Prigge

Director of Software Development

Peter has experience in a vast array of technological disciplines, ranging from hardware to software to graphic design. Peter is comfortable programming in C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Witango, and Java. He enjoys creating a great user experience utilizing a background in color theory and an extensive understanding of HTML, ASP.NET, CSS, Web Standards, and XML. Peter also specializes in friendly and headache-free technical support that maintains client-user relations.

Brian Davailus - Director of Digital Strategy

Brian Davailus

Director of Digital Strategy

Being well versed in several technologies takes a lot of coffee, critical thinking and patience. Brian has been working with clients to extend their digital strategies for over 15 years. His expertise ranges from web design focusing on user experience (UI/UX), to SEO and digital strategy to programming. Brian also understands core application and database concepts and has worked within several CMS/CRM environments including Salesforce.

Patrick Joyce - Development Operations Manager

Patrick Joyce

Development Operations Manager

Patrick is a dedicated, experienced Applications Developer who has been creating software systems of varying sizes for the past 15 years. He has a passion for problem solving and architecting software systems. His wide range of knowledge with various technologies and programming languages includes C#, .Net, ASP.net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C++ and Java. He is also an avid musician who enjoys playing various instruments.

Kelly Koch QA Engineer

Kelly Koch

Quality Assurance Engineer

Kelly’s attention to detail is second to none. With 25 years in the hospitality industry and non-profit development; she has developed a keen eye for efficient business processes. This experience also makes her a great customer service representative; as well as, keeper of the coders. She makes sure all those smarty pants programmers stay in line. Kelly is dedicated to the success of every application created by LockData Technologies. She ensures that we can continue to provide products and services that enrich the user experience and make life a whole lot easier.

Corey Struble - Senior Developer

Corey Struble

Senior Developer

Now, just who is Corey? He is a passionate developer, who is knowledgeable of various languages and frameworks C#, Asp.net, C++, Groovy, Java, PHP, Javascript, Html, CSS, Sql and Witango/Terascript. He enjoys employing standard practices as well as creating unique solutions to problems. Outside of work he enjoys playing a wide variety of board games.

Corey earned his is B.S in Computer Science from Millersville University.

Ryan Bladek - Quality Assurance

Ryan Bladek

Quality Assurance

Ryan is a graduate of Penn State Worthington where he earned his B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology, and a Minor in Security Risk Analysis. His time at school gave him knowledge to handle all aspects of the System Development Life Cycle. From forming planning documents, to coding, to testing and implementation, he has a solid foundation in all of these aspects. He is knowledgeable in various languages and software such as C++, Java, SQL, Visual Basic, XML, ABAP and ASP.net. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys sleeping, videos games, movies and more sleeping.