About GroupTools

GroupTools is an all-in-one solution for group leaders, suppliers and attendees. The platform offers an easy way to plan, manage and attend group events while enhancing group experiences.

What can you do with GroupTools

GroupTools was built for anyone planning a group trip. We offer as an easy way to plan, manage and update attendees on any event.

Surveying guests is easy

Our survey tools helps you get your group on the same page to make decisions in one central place so you can build the perfect event for your guests.

Simplify planning

With a guided format that makes creating custom events simple and built in tools that give you up to the second details on event attendance, payments, and more - GroupTools takes the stress out of planning and makes it easy and fun.

Share everywhere

Share your event on social media to allow your followers and friends to request an invitation to your event.

Get Paid

Say hello to the easy way to collect payments for your group. Connect to one of our partner providers and accept payments for your event 24/7 safely and securely online.

Simple and Intuitive

Planning is easy

Be a pro at handling any group event. Use GroupTools to keep all the details all in one place. Getting started is fast, fun and easy. We help you build, promote and launch your event from the ground up!

Manage your group from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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