Group Ticketing CRM

Group Ticketing CRM

Group Ticketing CRM software provides everything you need to efficiently manage your group sales process. A powerful CMS to manage your events, a CRM that illuminates buying trends and an ordering process that automates your workflow from the initial quote through ticket delivery. Integrates with ticketing systems and Salesforce.

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Connecting Group Ticketing to the Ticketing Industry

Group Ticketing CRM simplifies Quoting, Box Office Requests, Invoicing and Payment tracking.

Many Challenges Face the Group Ticketing Industry.

Group Ticketing Software that simplifies the ordering process

Group Ticketing CRM Software makes life easier for you and your team, workflows help you each step of the way. Never miss an important date or payment again.

group ticketing crm tracks quoting


Calculates and retains your quotes for easy follow-up and conversion.

group ticketing crm tracks box office requests

BO Requests

Simplifies communication with the box office, can interface with your ticketing system.

group ticketing crm tracks ordering


Place orders from anywhere and know everything about them at a glance. Tracks order changes and provides detailed change history.

group ticketing crm tracks delivery


Keeps track of where the tickets are and automates delivery with packing lists and shipping integration.

Intuitive Financial Component

Group Ticketing CRM Software provides an intuitive financial component that automatically calculates commissions, surcharges, fees and taxes. Keeps track of customer due dates and payment amounts. Know who you need to pay, how much and when.

group ticketing crm calculates deposits


Easily record deposit amounts and all payment due dates.

group ticketing crm tracks payments


Know who is paying you and who you need to pay.

group ticketing crm tracks returns


Add or remove tickets from an order according to the rules you set.

group ticketing crm tracks balances due

Balances Due

Quickly identify the money trail and balances at a glance.

Customer Relationship Management

With Group Ticketing CRM, you'll have access to powerful customer reporting, giving you access to essential patron buying trends. Identify which clients buy, when they buy and what they like to see. The CRM provides a flexible dashboard that can be customized to fit the needs of each user.
group ticketing crm reporting

Seamless Integrations

Group Ticketing CRM integrates with leading ticketing systems, web applications and other CRM platform tools like Salesforce. This allows you to seamlessly sync account, contact and order data, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry across multiple systems.
group ticketing crm integration