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Client Background

TheaterWorksUSA creates exceptional, transformative theatrical experiences that are accessible to young and family audiences in diverse communities throughout New York City and North America.

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Transform an obsolete group ordering process into a functional and independent eCommerce solution.

TheaterWorksUSA uses Patron Manager (or third party solution) in conjunction with Salesforce to manage their box office, sales and marketing initiatives. During the COVID 19 pandemic, part of their box office solution became obsolete and no longer supported, thus eliminating their group ordering sales channel which attributes to 90% of their business. TWUSA partnered up with LockData to provide a scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with their public website and Salesforce.


After thorough discovery, including a deep dive into TWUSA’s Salesforce org, the structure and architecture of the group ordering process was assessed. From there, it was on to planning and implementing a scalable solution that would integrate with both TWUSA’s public website and Salesforce.

LockData successfully planned and built an eCommerce solution that allows users to easily and securely make group ticket purchases, across web and mobile devices. The solution allows for the synchronization of orders and data between systems, making it easy for TWUSA to track orders and manage data within Salesforce.


The collaboration between TWUSA and LockData yielded a highly effective solution that transformed the group ordering process. Their partnership with LockData has not only addressed the immediate challenge of an obsolete group ordering process but has also provided a robust, scalable solution that supports the organization’s long-term objectives. This transformation has positioned TWUSA to continue delivering exceptional theatrical experiences to its diverse audiences efficiently and effectively.