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Data Analysis + Data Migration + Application Development + API Integration

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Client Background

Leveraging an over 125-year history of product development and manufacturing innovation, quality, and performance, Gentex Corporation is dedicated to improving personal protection and situational awareness for global defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel operating in high-performance environments. More information about Gentex can be found here:


Update & Transform technologies found in several departments. Migrate obsolete databases and streamline the architecture of existing components to accommodate changing technology.

Realizing the rapid change in technology, Gentex found quite a few components in their manufacturing labs to be obsolete and inefficient. Gentex partnered with LockData to address these challenges and streamline their technology infrastructure. The goal was to update several technology stacks and improve efficiency throughout multiple departments within the organization.


Our approach included extensive discovery into both their software and their on-site operations. We began to identify and roadmap several solutions, define MVPs and execute multiple strategies to augment their tech stacks. Due to the classified nature of their business, we are unable to provide more details.


LockData successfully implemented scalable solutions across multiple departments that are streamlined for efficiency. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with Gentex