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IMAGINE the possibilities of wearable devices. From Disney to the Apple Watch, technology is changing. How will wearable technology impact the ticketing industry?

Indulge me for just a moment. I’m going to ask you to channel your inner child. Close your eyes, and IMAGINE the “Technology Genie” has just granted you one wish to have an app that will revolutionize the Ticketing Industry. What would it be? What would it do? How would it be used? Sounds kind of like a Disney Fairy Tale? Well, apparently Disney did some “IMAGINING” of their own and with an estimated 1 billion dollars they rolled out their MagicBand program. Starting in 2013 MagicBand users could access anything from park entry, FastPass reservation, ride alerts, resort room entry and, of course, purchasing anything from Mickey Ears to corn dogs. IMAGINE that! Now fast forward to today. Apple releases their new Smart Watch, joining Samsung and other manufactures in the “Smart Watch” race to the top. Although met with mixed reviews, advances in technology and more availability of meaningful apps could drive the “Smart Watch” market to an estimated $53 billion worldwide by the year 2019.

Now IMAGINE technology reaching the point where your “Smart Watch” replaces the need for MagicBands and other similar devices. IMAGINE being able to use a Smart Watch to direct you to the shortest line to your favorite theater, theme park, festival, sporting event, or concert. How convenient would it be to leave your wallets and purses at home as you pay for your burgers, sushi and favorite beverage while receiving the latest updates on event specials. With a simple tap of your “Smart Watch” you can checkout at the gift shop, making those “got-to-have” purchases of t-shirts, candy, and souvenir mugs. All without having to pull out your wallet. One wearable device for all your entertainment needs. IMAGINE that! Would it be beneficial to the industry, its patron and guests?

What’s ahead is already in the testing phases. The “Technology Genies” are hard at work enhancing the technology and “conjuring up” new apps. Disney’s billion dollar investment tells us that the “expectation bar” has been set extremely high and met with great success. We have found ways to reduce line queues, make purchases, track patron behavior in real time, engage with patrons; all while enjoying the experience at our favorite events and venues. So many advances! So many wishes granted! IMAGINE the possibilities! What would your wish be? Perhaps the “Technology Genies” will grant it to you. Please let us know with your comments below.

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