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Our team has been working with event ticketing partners for 13 years. Our experience, passion and knowledge surrounds the event ticketing industry with focus on Ticketing Systems Integration, Group Ticketing, Salesforce Integration, Custom Software, Mobile Ticketing and of course ticketing Website Design and Development.


41% of people purchase their tickets directly through mobile devices.
Ticketing Today, December 2014

Ticketing Services & Solutions

During our years of experience in the ticketing industry we have developed an array of event ticketing solutions. Some of the more interesting work we’ve done can be found within the projects listed below.

Group Ticketing CRM

Our first event related application was developed in 2001 and is still being used today. The application tracks everything related to event group ticket sales. A CMS provides for easily maintaining the event data needed for ordering, a CRM provides a host of customer related information and statistics. It now integrates with Salesforce.

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Travel Package CMS

In 2003 we developed a custom order fulfillment system used to aggregate hotel, attraction and show order data. We provided an API for the disparate systems, which included a Titan Technology Group application. Its purpose was to provide for easy customer support and order fulfillment.

Event Ticketing Sites

We have developed many event ticketing web sites and e-commerce applications. One in particular validated a Costco membership, placed items into the Costco cart and imported order data back into their parent application.

Tour Operator Sites

We developed a custom ecommerce site back in 2003 which is being used to provide sporting and cultural events to their customers. The supporting application provides for the necessary order processing and CRM functions so as to provide the client with top notch customer support.

B to B Ticketing Systems

In 2005 we envisioned, designed and created an interactive tool dedicated to the group and wholesale ticketing needs of tour operators and travel industry distribution partners. This easy to use web order entry system handles both Group and individual ticketing.

Travel Package Sites

Developed a web application in 2006 to package shows, hotels, and attractions, dining and parking in order to provide the customer with one stop shopping for a New York travel experience. Required interfacing with EAN and Hilton APIs using OTA standards.

API Integration Services

Over the years we have integrated a wide variety of systems into our solutions. These range from old fashion screen scraping utilities to sophisticated web service integration. Some of the systems we have integrated with include: Salesforce, Tessitura, Ticketmaster, Titan Technologies, Shubert Ticketing, Broadway Inbound, Expedia (EAN), Hilton

API Development

Developed for travel sites to sell tickets to shows and events, this soap-based sales API allows these operators to incorporate a powerful sales engine directly into their existing user interface. This API pulls in event content and live inventory information and provides ordering capabilities.

Mobile Ticketing

We have developed software that enables handheld devices to provide mobile sellers with integrated credit card readers, secure data transmissions, programmable sales permissions and operates over Wi-Fi and 3G data networks . Customers can receive their tickets instantly from portable thermal printers or via email, both containing barcodes.

Venue Access Control

Wireless gating technology that scans barcodes from multiple ticketing systems simultaneously, targeted toward venues using multiple sales channels concurrently. Supports paperless ticketing via credit card swipe which then generates seat check slips for members of the party.

Broadway Inbound

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